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is doing to prepare its troops for future challenges. but first, the united states marine corps is wrapping up its decade long involvement in afghanistan. at the same time, the marines are retrimpg r thinking their doctrine and equipment news. they want light armored vehicles while shaping its new amphibious tractor to replace the vehicle that was canceled early last year. as the marines develop the requirements for their new fighting vehicle, they face challenges. first the new generation of precision weapons is pushing the marines farther out to sea than ever before complicating future amphibious operations. new vehicles and aircraft are steadily getting bigger making existing ships increasingly camped when fully loaded out. the man leading the process of shaping the future of the marine corps is lieutenant general richard mills charged with developing tactics and doctrine for the service. welcome to the program. >> thank you for having me. >> welcome as a fellow new yorker. >> it's great to be here. it's a great opportunity to talk about the future of the marine corps. >> you commanded t
. >> he is dealing with situations in afghanistan and marines that he had to dispatch quickly, the terrorist teams in the middle east. we know we are facing a huge storm here at home with continuing resolution, which is a straitjacket and followed by strait jacket number two, the sequester, which will have -- there is nothing you can say that is to say how bad this is going to be. as former secretary gates outlined yesterday in a talk he made on that subject. so we are in stormy times. and it's good we have a leader as part of the atlantic council's commander series to bring together these high-level leaders to discuss these issues of the day. we have heard from a great air force leader who just left as chief of staff. we have had commander of nato. general martin dempsey, great leaders and looking forward to another one tonight. before i introduce general amos thank dan and the ambassador for their continuing support of this great series. it's always a privilege to introduce a service leader and member of the joint chiefs of staff, but when you served with that leader, worked
the team of 50 marines part of a rapid response team is now in tripoli they have the u.s. embassy there cruise millses being stationed off the coast of libya as well as fbi agents. the word from the white house the word from president obama is justice will be done. right now in libya you have a situation of a manhunt. a manhunt for who might be responsible for the death of the ambassador and other americans. we are looking at a multi facetted situation right now an actual killing violent perhaps organized strike in libya perhaps related to that film but others throughout the mideast region definitely related to the action of that movie. the arab spring moving into something that looks a little bit different right now. back to you, folks. >>> in addition to the marines and war ships being dispatched to libya there was word the u.s. was planning to strongly beef up security at all of the embassies worldwide in particular in the middle east. but still they were able to reach t-- breech the grounds in yemen literally going on as we speak? >> i have been to that embassy and it's not a
to be the key to getting us out of the recession. >> jeff: marines trained for the next mission in afghanistan. >> security oriented. >> jeff: we'll go inside their camp in california's mojave desert. and easy targets. lee cowan shows us just how popular smartphones have become. >> it's like gold. >> jeff: especially for thieves. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" >> jeff: good evening, everyone, i'm jeff glor. the video that mocked the prophet mohammad continued to stir up anti-american feelings today. here is the latest. new protests against the film were staged in four countries today. the radical islamist group hezbollah is calling for more demonstrations in lebanon tomorrow. the united states and other western embassies remain on high alert. in libya's president said 50 people have been arrested in the attack that kill kd the u.s. ambassador and three members of his team. at the same time there are diverging views on who is responsible for the attack. anna werner begins our coverage from washington. >> reporter: in the five days since ambassador chris stevens and t
in afghanistan. home base to most marine operations in that war. military officials telling fox news this is a major hit. the nation says good by to our ambassador and three other americans murdered at a u.s. embassy today we bring home four americans who gave their lives for our country and our values. >> we will bring to justice those who took them from us. >> from all that i have heard, the murderous attacks in libya that resulted in the death of four americans were not accidental. >> it was a terrorist attack organized and carried out by terrorists. >> did somebody get advanced warning of this attack? >> we were not aware of any actionable intelligence. >> that report is false. >> i'm not ready to it diet our intelligence community until we get more facts. >> harris: tonight, developments in the investigation. plus, gunfire in flames as protests erupt in countries around the world. and u.s. embassies are targeted. now, the efforts to protect americans and calm the chaos. >> harris: we begin with breaking news of a deadly assault on the united states' marines main base in southern
, a hearing from the marine corps, particularly on a stormy night. we do not just have stormy weather these days. we have a storm a situation in the world. we are dealing with situations in afghanistan. we are dealing with marines that were dispatched very quickly. we all know we are facing a huge storm here at home. with a continuing resolution. strait jacket that will be put on the defense part of it. there is no adjective you can say that is to superlative to say how bad this will be. it is former secretary gates who outlined it yesterday and i talked he gave on the subject. we are in stormy times. it is good we have a leader who is part of the atlantic capitol's commanders series here tonight. the commander series here at the bennett council brings together these leaders to discuss the issues of the day. we have heard from a great air force leader who just recently left his chief of staff. we have had the commander of nato. we have had general martin dempsey. we have had great leaders. we are looking forward to a another one tonight. before i introduce general amos, i want to than
that deadly ambush on our premier u.s. marine base. with new word now directly from the taliban their target is one of the most famous people in uniform. >> also, our military and the fbi now on the hunt in libya for the killers of those four americans who died in our consultate. tonight, al-qaeda praising the death of u.s. ambassador are chris stevens and in citing others to go after troops. we witness the latest efforts to protect americans under threat. >> we begin with a fox you bent. urgent. brand new details on the surprise attack in afghanistan that killed two u.s. marines yesterday. here is what is key. and you will notice the trend here. we are now learning about 15 taliban insurgents stormed that base wearing u.s. army uniforms. at the post our marines share with the british forces. the international security assistance forces telling us the ambush was well equipped, well trained, well rehearsed. armed with automatic rifles and rocket propelled grenade launchers and suicide vests. attackers access the base airfield by breaching one point in the perimeter fence. organized into three
a close eye on china. the u.s. marine corps and the australian defense force are holding joint exercises which started in april. the two military forces are training together in darwin, northern australia. the city is an ideal location for the u.s. military as it is close to southeast asia. it also faces the indian ocean. it is out of the range of china's ballistic missiles. the u.s. plans to increase the number of its marines in australia. some of the joint exercises were open to the media. nhk world's takeo nakajima reports on the program that is apparently a cause of concern for china and a source of interest for many other asian countries. >> reporter: this australian military training facility is located 130 kilometers southeast of darwin. this is northern territory australia. australians and u.s. marines are exercising the joint training using tanks. the forces invited media representatives to a demonstration in which u.s. marines supported their australian counterparts. the media also observed joint live-shell firing drills. >> the training is to help us train with the united stat
we operate independently, just with the marines, this time we're going to partner ops with them. >> it'sthe marines think there may be bombing hidden under the dirt floor. on many missions now, u.s. troops are in a supporting role. these become critical. these marines are setting up a check point by other forces are fighting the taliban 11 miles away. it's taken a long time to get to this point, but it does seem finally that the afghans are taking the lead in this word. that means americans can leave on time with the afghan army in place. this local policeman was stoned on hash for most of the patrol. and 90% of afghan police cannot be trusted. in the rush to train afghan troops so americans can leave on time, the taliban infiltrated their ranks and are turning their guns on the americans. so now when marines teach their afghan partners basic first aid, there's an armed marine by the door. the troops call them guard yang angels. >> it's a deterrent to anyone who might be thinking of committing any sort of attack on us. >> reporter: the other bad news for u.s. troops, there's sti
shows. >> just how tough u.s. marines are. >> see no man left behind in action. >>> plus, a seagull steals a camera. how one woman saved her precious memories and how another made a video about -- >> the miracle of life. >> prepare for a moving experience. >> thing is doing like the salsa in there. >>> the last place you want to be during a storm is in a body of water. that's exactly what happened to tim moore and his family. he found himself out on the tennessee river as storm warnings were coming. but he couldn't get his boat to start. >> geez. >> so in this video when you see it, you think they're getting ready to go water skiing. that's not what's happening at all. you see tim and his wife in the water with ropes trying to swim the boat to safety while his son is there on the front of the boat with a paddle trying to guide it. >> see the huge lightning bolt that went off at the beginning of the video. >> right. >> it was pretty close too. >> the storm is right there. to find out a little bit more about this rescue, about towing this boat to safety, we have tim moore via skype fr
u.s. marines. it happened in camp leathernect which our forces share with forces. u.s. marines and fbi on the move in libya to hun down the killer who is ambushed our concullate and threat remains for americans living over seas in the rash of anti-american protest in the muslim world. look at this map that shows the recent scope of violence. and this map actually doesn't show the full extent of what is they are not geth on the planes tonight. >> they are ordering all family members and a nonemergency nonessential personnel out of the country and sudan. and just a couple of machines, we rode by the embassy and the tunizian army out in force and lining the wall of the compound and not prompted by any problems today. it is calm today but yesterday it was horrific. thousands of the protestors are out of the cam pound and smashed windows and no embassy staffers were hurt and of the protesters four hurt and 50 injured today tunisia officials apologizing for not affecting the facility. and they govern a moderate islamic place of the arab spring. and tunizia have seen ultraconservative
marin to san francisco, also buses, drivers and support staff for the marin county district, which operates local routes. most riders are not aware there are two operators. the marin ij reports with marin transit losing money it wants to renegotiate agreements with golden gate transit which could severe their ties that would make more difficult for commuters to transfer between local and regional services. >>> i'm going to need mike to explain a few things. >> such as? >> it didn't feel as cold this morning i figure clouds. then i see this moon and beautiful glow on the bay. >>> beautiful shot, absolutely gorgeous outside this morning. good morning. the clouds are out at the coast going to take their time trying to fill in the bay over the next couple of hours. they will have a hard time hanging around at least the bay and inland, we have a lot of orange on top of us, drier air to our east you can see the greens as the monsoon flow continues to push through the four corners region. today more clouds at the coast won't be as warm as it was yesterday everybody else close to where we
it be marin or otherwise any o ther examples of the opt-out percentages to what we can correlate to what is happening in san francisco. >> the process would be if we are going and offering this to you at your home we would send you a post card saying here is the information. if you don't want this program, please let us know. send a post card, internet, whatever in terms of making it as easy as possible. a month later, saying this will happen. just want to remind you. if you don't like this, let us know. we wait 30 more days, start providing power, send another notice saying you should now be getting your first bill. you are noticing a difference. do you want to stay in this program. a month later you have gotten within or two bills. do you want to stay? if you don't, please let us know. we should be -- for those who are able and willing to read those kind of notices i understand, that is the easy part. then the part is how do we make sure people get the message who aren't opening their mail and aren't reading that. is what we are saying. through community groups, radio and tv, we have
president roosevelt that the navy and the marine corps would strike in the pacific. everything president roosevelt was saying about europe first and who's going to be pacific purse. the navy was indeed the alliance with the construction of the guadalcanal to be unable to spend a cargo ship in australia. you can see here is hawaii. here's guadalcanal and harry sydney. now the pacific shipping coming down through the g2 refill, and this is all went, radius from where the japanese permitted to establish a working military airfield. it was really split the alliance and two. a study would be cut off in a strategic position in the series are correct. on august 7, 1942, the marines under general r. schmidt griscom memory division supported by three task forces from pearl harbor at from new zealand. they convert to fiji, hauled reversals on august 7, 1942. and destroy the internet tells his buddies from ms. couric what follows is a series of a six campaign of nutrition, where japan has slowly came to grips the magnitude of the situation. they did not command much importance by the roaring core u
mindful of my own marines that will be flying them and family members in the pics i take that very precisely. it's a heck the capability, and i think it's in the best interest of the alliance to have that together. >> time for a few more questions. the gentleman in the second row. give him a microphone, please. >> thank you. i'm president of the as russia business council but i'm actually here because i'm a father of the marine. and i want to ask you, sir, about -- >> he is deployed right now. >> he is deployed. he called me today. said he couldn't say what he was. he wasn't even sure which ocean it was ass. >> i'll tell you off-line. >> thank you. i wonder if you would address the questions familiar to morale. coming off a very long engagement in afghanistan. we're going into a downsizing, the sequester must weigh on people's minds. you've been dealing with some of the more thorny social issues have come up the last few years with "don't ask, don't tell," with women going into combat infantry, training and so forth. can you talk a little bit about what sort of reaction you were sa
between greenbrae and marin city, bumper-to-bumper there with the machinery and paying work, two right lanes, both directions shutdown until 6:00 this morning. you will find slowing through southern marin into san francisco and northeast bound highway 4 loveridge that roadwork continues all lanes shutdown detour in place until 5:30. >>> remembering a young man with a promising life. next, family and friends come together, 1,000 strong to share memories of a bay area college student who lost his life on a river. >>> secretary of education rides into the bay area, unique way he will be delivering a message on education and keeping america strong to high school students, today. [ female announcer ] every day, there's a new reason not to make a home-cooked meal. work, errands, a greasy bag of deep-fried easy. ♪ fortunately with hamburger helper's 40 varieties a home-cooked meal is never out of reach. hamburger helper. help is on the way. there's no subtext... just tacos. yeah, it's our job to make you want it. but honestly... it's not that hard. old el paso. when you gotta have mexican.
was there. u.s. troops responded to an attack by the taliban gunmen >> reporter: the marine outpost was attacked moments ago, now those responsible are being searched for. dozens of men are in the marine compound. it is not a taliban gathering, but only a funeral for a local farmer. but as marines approach another group of mud farmhouses, they come under fire. >> right now, we're taking effective fire from the southeast. >> reporter: lieutenant mock spreads out his men, several marines dive into a rooftop. from here, they can see silhouettes of men hiding and shooting. >> he is popping out the right-hand side of the wall. >> yeah, that is where i spotted him. >> reporter: it is not clear if this is the same taliban that attacked the base. >> they think there are about 20 or 30 hiding, yards from here. some with rpgs, some with assault rifles, they called in air support, right now they're trying to flush them out, drive them into the open. >> what side of the compound? the navy corpmen and a few afghan soldiers advance closer to the taliban. but as soon as he goes in the house, an ex
is backing off and the marine layer is quite compressed. be careful if you are traveling this morning, especially in the north bay. terry. >> thanks very much. this morning we begin with a special prayer vinal i will for a vittcally injured san jose firefighter. it will be heliat 4:00 this morning. this is in honor of 41-year-old veteran firefighter frank ryan who remains in intensive care. he collapsed while battling the fire at state patrick's cathedral. we have an update from the hospital. >>> more than 200 st. pat tricks cathedral parishioners crowded the gymnasium at the school to say mass. they have to worship here because the fire broke out and heavily damaged their church on east santa clara street on thursday. this is also where 41-year-old frank ryan collapsed due to a heart attack after coming out of a flaming building to replenish his oxygen bottles. >> everything we are getting so far is definitely in a positive direction. we are very happy. >> captain indicot and other members of the truck where ryan was assigned were invited to attend the mass today. prayers were offere
libya to egypt to tunisia and sudan. terrible news out of afghanistan, two marines killed on a u.s. british coalition base. several others wyned on camp leatherneck, camp bastion. prince harry is there, but he was not injured. it is unclear whether the afghanistan base attack is connected to the raging violence spreading across the region. earlier, afghan protesters burned a president obama effigy. this comes as protests against the united states rage, including in egypt, where it is now four 4:00 a.m. you are looking live at cairo. parts of the city, anti-american rioters are swarming the streets, spewing hate against the united states. we have no idea what tomorrow brings, as the sun begins to rise in a short time. but this day has been extremely violent, with violent protests across the mideast and north africa, durn turning deadly. in egypt, police clashing with stone-throwing rioters outside the embassy. one person was killed. in sudan, the heaviest violence, protesters storming the u.s. embassy and setting the german embasso fire. in tunisia, police firing tear gas and guns
, a discussion of young and african american voters impact on the election. and and discussion with a marine corps commandant. >> the weekend before the start of the democratic national convention in charlotte, c-span brings you speeches from conventions past, from harry truman of 1948 to president obama in 2008. that begins saturday. >> travel to a double coverage of the democratic convention starts next week. every minute, every speech, live on c-span, and on line. featured speakers include the mayor of san antonio, and first lady michelle obama. wednesday, elizabeth warren and bill clinton. thursday, vice president joe biden and president barack obama. and use our convention hub to make them share video clips. >> we offered our people a new choice, based on all the years. which offer the opportunity. we demand responsibility. we will build community. the choice we offer is not conservative or liberal. in many ways, it is not even republican or democratic. it is new, and it will work. >> connect with other viewers. look on the website. >> howard university and morehouse college hosted a di
on an american base in afghanistan. two marines dead. martha raddatz standing by with the latest. >>> also tonight, coming home. the solemn return for the four americans killed in libya. the caskets brought off the plane. the president, the secretary of state, their families waiting. while overseas, those fiery protests continue to spread. now, in 30 countries. our team on it all. >>> the royal fight. new tonight. buckingham palace suing over those photos of kate. an outraged prince william defending his wife, as the palace remembers what happened to his mother. >> hi, david! >>> and made in america is back, and the simple question tonight -- is the next million dollar invention sitting right in your home? tonight, you're going to say, why didn't i think of that? captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> good evening. diane is on assignment tonight. and we do begin here with breaking news. we're learning just a moment ago of an attack on a base in afghanistan. two u.s. marines have been killed. we don't know if it's related to the same anti-american protests raging in the region, but it does come
and fog extensive as pushed east of berkeley. there is a hole right here around central marin county. we're getting sunshine around mount tam and also san rafael. 50 in napa. look at the cool numbers, 48 in santa rosa. we're in the upper 50s with all the cloud cover in san jose and mountain view right now. 53 in redwood city. so the 60s where it has been sunny for quite some time. fog at the coast and around the bay. once again the wide range of temperatures will be a little bit cooler here where i think some of the fog will linger. we'll see the warm readings inland but cooler days are ahead for much of the workweek. this last full week of summer where fall begins on saturday morning. here is where we were, the averages. from yesterday to today we're seeing temperatures that really in and around the same mark. we're talking about numbers barely changing for the big picture but the week ahead we're talking about numbers anywhere from 5-10 degrees below the average. we are in between systems with high pressure to the east of us. a trough of low pressure that continues to sit to the north
: several chicago area marines receive the highest military honor. also coming up: you're aware of service dogs for the visually impaired... how one organization is training "mans best friend" to help diabetics. and live music this day from kelly hogan! noú]@?@ó@,ç?ú@ó@46ú?ñstú] ç@xúópç0ó<@Ñp=pe÷w@wtñúh ú[l÷@úÑú%úfú÷w@pl0l@f@oúñ@i@/@r@[x@ó oxqúp÷ú<ú?@póñpúúóúñpvú>ñ÷.p;ú?@cñú+ xyú=nw v @Ñ 0úkñÑú?p@kúwúz0(ú?(> né'húç@@o@oúw@émúó@w@? @ó@ç Ñ0=úop2@ox?ú8ú2 mvÑ@x@7@[xvúy ÷xxñ÷7x ú@çññ@vÑqpúpúuúçúó@w ?@vÑ an 83 year-old woman from woodstock has been charged in the hit-and-run death of a 6 year-old boy. vera mae phillip was released on $50,000 bail after she turned herself in thursday. she is facing felony charges for the fatal accident. police say she fatally struck 6 year-old bryan silva as he was walking with his family in the 4600 block of franklinville road just southwest of woodstock last saturday night. police tracked down her car on a tip from a local body shop. she is due in court on september 26t
, grenades and small arms, attacks on that base, killing two u.s. marines, wounding several others. the taliban say they launched that attack on camp leather neck because there were both reaction to the riots -- >> cheryl: we're going to apologize. we want to break away because we want to take to you a live ehave not where paul ryan, the vice presidential candidate is speaking about afghanistan. let's listen in. >> or that they're more concerned about their next election than they are about the next generation. we are not going to make that mistake. we will lead because what mitt and i are asking you is help us get this country back on the right track. we want to earn your votes and deserve this victory so that we have the mandate and the moral authority to get this country back on the right track. [ cheers and applause ] to be fair, president obama came in with some pretty tough times. there are no two ways about that. he inherited a difficult situation. but here is the problem, he didn't make things any better. he's made things worse! he's run out of ideas. and that is why -- no,
.s. marines were killed, and several harrier jets were destroyed. all but one attackers were killed. it happened at the base where prince harry is deployed. >>> pakistani police used water canons to push back protesters today at the u.s. consulate in caracchi, hundreds gathered in protest of an antihis you islamic film made in the u.s. and demonstrators threw rocks as officers fired shots in the air. so proes ters were injured, but the building not damaged. >>> iran had special forces acts as advisors in war-torn syria. iran has been giving advice to assad's government for some time. but has no force there now. >>> explosions shook suburbs of damascus today. opposition forces report 155 killed across the country. >>> pope benedict xvi led an open air mass that drew thousands in be rut leb ton and called for an end to war in irsyria. he made no reference to a film defaming the prophet muhammad which triggered unrest rest across the muslim world. >>> new developments on the chicago teacher's strike to tell you about. straight to the teacher's union meeting what is the latest? >> repor
this doesn't matter. there is a great looking day, beautiful weather. there is a live picture there is marine layer there and there is this afternoon high temperatures two to 10 degrees below normal. this is obvious why there is a marine influence here and there is normally about 86 degrees so cooler than normal. and there is what it looks like. sunshine and a beautiful afternoon. and there is some sunshine up to about 2000 and it's going to remain on the deep side with this marine layer in place. good is a good wind flow. and so there are 60s in san francisco. out towards inland valleys this doesn't feel like summer warmth. there is 69 in san jose and napa. cloudy overnight, there are autumn arriving sunday at 7:49 in the morning and this will feel like october and there is what is going happen. it's going to sit here and just spin. there is below normal high temperatures going continue for the next several days. there is a low that will come across northern california and there is sierra nevada may be talking about showers there. tomorrow morning there is a cool start. make sure you bundle
in the next few weeks. the orioles defeated the seattle mariners ... innone of games they ever pla- after á18 inningsá and almost á6 hoursá of play... the o's stay tied for first today... with a 4-to-2 win over the mariners.the winning hit comes prom pinch itter traylor teagarden... with an r-b-i single to right the o's are trying to pass the yankees in the al-east... or their next game is toniggt... in another away game against the mariners. scares in the scares in the skies. skies.somebody's got to give us the reason or we're going to evacuate thh aircraft. &pyou've got 60 seconds." find out what caused two passenger jets in new york... to ave security concerns... prompting one pilot to threated to evacuate his plane. plane. ((break 1)) ((2-shht toss to weather)) ((ad lib meteorologist)) 3 ((traffic reporter ((traffic &preporter ad libs))((traffic reporter 3 meteorologist))((ad lib weather))((2-shot toss to &pweather)) &p((ad lib meteorologist)) 3 ((traffic reporter ad libs)) map bel air map wilkens map quaraaine 3 3 3 are you our biggest fan?then you can bee
valley. the winds in to fairfield is the most important anemometer for the on shore push of marine air. once that backs off, away, a hint of warming ahead as the marine layer starts to compress. the coast will be cool but that will allow inland valleys to warm up. less sea breeze influence inland. 80 to 90 as early as tomorrow. today sunshine inland. a marine layer that started at 39,000 feet squished down to 2,000. that's going to bring some fog and mist for the coast and peninsula heading in to tomorrow morning. no thunderstorms in the sierra but might see more moisture coming in courtesy of what is left of this tropical storm. likely tropical depression and encountering cooler waters. that will rob the energy from the storm. the mid level clouds will spill up to southern california and the central coast. we will watch that for you heading in to tuesday and wednesday. so the story for sunday in to labor day monday, we will see the sea breeze going on the coast. temperatures starting to warm up inland. tomorrow adding five to ten degrees for inland high temperatures and probably seein
to provide bus service in marin county. currently the county pays golden gate to operate their bust routes. the latest proposal calls for less service which would save the county millions of dollars but cause workers their jobs. >> alan: in one part of the bay area, school lunks will be meat-free tomorrow. meatless mondays go into effect tomorrow in the pleasant ton school district as part of an international movement that began in 2003 designedded to educate students about the health benefits of eating less meat. the novato unified school district also takes part in the program. officials admit it could take a while to get students used to the new menu, unless it's macaroni and chase. >> ama: that's true. let's get o leigh glaser. >> leigh: we have a live shot behind me from the high definition accept cruz camera. it's 75 degrees. low clouds and fog. a little there this morning but that cleared off the coast, and really as we head into the work week, we'll see less and less fog at the beaches, which means temperatures will be warming there as well. live doppler 7 hd, the satellite radar c
on friday in which two u.s. marines were killed if group has claimed responsibility for that assault. the british royal prince harry who is based there for four months on his second tour of duty was about a mile away when that attack happened. >>> a san jose neighborhood is struggling to cope with the aftermath of a deadly accident. an 8-year-old boy was killed last night when he rode his bike out of a driveway and into the path of an oncoming truck. today friends, neighbors bs and even stray jers garth thered to write sympathy and support at a growing memorial. >> somebody's kid, somebody's little brother, that's really sad. if it happened to my brother, thank god it didn't happen to him, i would be destroyed. honestly. i would probably do anything to bring my brother back, you know? >> the accident happened near the intersection of farm drive and decon court. the boy was rushed to the hospital but he was pronounced dead there. police say the driver was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol and cooperated fully with the investigation. they do add that this is a tragic reminder
is back to normal. and looking at the ride out of marin county traffic volume is back and it is still under 25 minutes from marin. >>justine: according to a private real-estate company home prices have jumped up 3.8%. this is the first jump in six years. this is evidence that the housing market is slowly getting better. >>darya: firefighters is still trying to get a handle on this 3,600 a. fire by. this broke out on sunday and do not expect full containment in some till september 13th. the land is very steep and difficult to control. there are 700 fire personnel on the scene. >> take a live look at the golden gate bridge. this looks better than it did yesterday. we will be back in a minute. >>mark: if you are on an ipad or other kinds of tablets' they have determined that the bright light from the screen suppresses melatonin interrupting his sleep cycles. if you have it on the bride is setting for two hours it will suppress your sleep. >>darya: italy be easy for shoppers to use it lay away act toys r us is a way for at the store to compete with online competition. >> some children r
for the opening of the marine response emergency facility. i want to begin by introducing several dignitaries. the first is commission vice president mike hardeman. thank you. and commissioner steve nakaja. and i want to introduce our police department deputy chief at the airport, the guy in charge. david chen is here. from the adjacent coast guard facility, the commander. and we have staff members from our congressional delegation. we have staff members from senator feinstein's office, nancy pelosi's office, and others. thank you for joining us today. [applause] throughout our history, safety and security has always been our priority. safety and security of our passengers, and safety of our employees. we are building on that commitment by commissioning what is the first fire rescue boat house facility on the west coast of the united states. more simply -- [airplane noise] we are at an airport. this is the first marine emergency response facility on the west coast. more simply, we can call it the first fireboat house at an airport. it is a core value for the airport team that we have worked t
of what is happening in marin. how broadly has their version of clean power been marketed? throughout the whole county? >> they started with most but not all. it's been so successful that all have joined the program. richmond across the bay is trying to join also. they are in the process of having that happen. it is a program growing. those doubting it in some of the communities have now chosen to join in. all of marin, now expanding. >> in terms of the outreach to a lot of communities that might need extra help in terms of communication, having language services that are available to understand the program, what was the experience in marine like? do we have any information about that? >> i don't know. i'm looking at lafco staff to see if they have heard anything. i think in fairness we would have a richer language and multicultural thing in san francisco. >> true. but there are places in marine like the canal, san rafael, where you would probably ned a strong program that is probably community based organizations that could help. wondering if there was any information we have from th
and foreign policy. >>> u.s. marines took to the skies over japan in an aircraft that's been a lightning rod for anger. they're testing the mv-22 osprey. american military leaders plan to station the tilt-rotor transporter in okinawa, but the aircraft has a spotty safety record, so the only place some japanese wanted to fly is back to the u.s. the first osprey slowly lifted off from the u.s. marine's air station in western japan. the aircraft's rotors pointed upward like those on a helicopter. a number of protesters gathered outside the base. they don't want ospreys flying in the skies above them. they say the aircraft is too dangerous. >> translator: the plane shouldn't be allowed to leave the ground. >> pilots flew the aircraft over water. then they tilted the rotors in a horizontal direction so it could fly like a conventional plane. the maneuver is considered the most hazardous aspect of operating this aircraft. >> translator: i'm frightened by the thought the aircraft may crash around here. >> translator: i won't oppose the test flights as long as safety is confirmed. >> u.s. personnel
have a big impact on japan's domestic and foreign policy. >>> u.s. marines took to the skies over japan in an aircraft that's been a lightning rod for anger. they're testing the mv-22 osprey. american military leaders plan to station the tilt-rotor transporter in okinawa, but the aircraft has a spotty safety record, so the only place some japanese want it to fly is back to the u.s. the first osprey slowly lifted off from the u.s. marine's iwakuni air station in western japan. the aircraft's rotors pointed upward like those on a helicopter. a number of protesters gathered outside the base. they don't want ospreys flying in the skies above them. they say the aircraft is too dangerous. >> translator: the plane shouldn't be allowed to leave the ground. >> pilots flew the aircraft over water. then they tilted the rotors in a horizontal direction so it could fly like a conventional plane. the maneuver is considered the most hazardous aspect of operating this aircraft. >> translator: i'm frightened by the thought that the aircraft may crash around here. >> translator: i'm fine with test flight
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